The Southland Partnership Corporation (SPC) is a formidable collaboration of business, government and educators collaborating on growth strategies. The SPC works to excite, extend, and expand socioeconomic opportunities for all citizenry throughout the County of Los Angeles, CA. SPC’s economic development activity includes job and training processes, critical skills enhancement and creative marketing services for capacity building. The SPC consults and evaluates inclusive Supply Chain management processes; Marketing Strategies; Technical Assistance; and coordination of the POWER Collaborative Network (description below).

The Southland Partnership Corporation (SPC) works to assist large and small businesses in maximizing their community-based investments, marketing and workforce resources.  Though community alliances, the SPC partners have experience in a large array of programs from information networking, corporate contracting programs, to expanding target market initiatives.

SPC offers new horizons for its partners to access expanded resources and smarter ways of working with the total business community.  Few organizations can afford specialized expertise & technology needed to rapidly respond to emerging market needs.  As resources are strained by increased market demands, strategic alliances between education, government and industry help to better move products & reduce costs.

[Formed November 1, 2000, the POWER Collaborative Network (PCN) is a cluster of employment specialists & socioeconomic development managers, resourcefully serving the County of Los Angeles.

Coordinated with Public Law 105-220, Workforce Investment Act, the PCN advances essential humanitarian efforts, thus, the acronym POWER means Promoting Opportunities with Essential Resources.

The PCN originates agenda topics relating to job recruitment, funding, training, & other human social need interests.  Participants acquire useful marketplace data & innovative developments in the delivery of public services via monthly meetings held at various member locations. 

Equally, the PCN employs the Internet as a modern collaborative learning tool by frequently publishing shared opportunities with essential resources.]